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Become a Police

Reserve Officer

Our Mission

To establish a trained unit of volunteers to serve as the "eyes and ears" of the Malverne Police Department and to provide such services that enhance the safety and quality of life for the residents of the Village of Malverne.



Police Reserve Officers receive field training in all necessary procedures including all applicable laws and regulations. Members receive training in CPR and First-Aid as well as the use of O.C. spray.



Police Reserve Officers patrol the Village in six marked patrol cars and on four Raleigh F-500 bicycles. The vehicles are equipped with radios for direct contact with Malverne Police Headquarters and scanners.

Emergency Management


The Police Reserve along with the other emergency services of the Village are an integral part of the emergency management plan established by the Village of Malverne. In times of emergency or natural disasters, Police Reserves may be called upon to provide additional support. 

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